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1918 - 2011

[img src=]730Roger Cole
[img src=]790Aerial photo of farm -1940s
[img src=]750Aerial photo of farm - 2010
[img src=]910The Bungalow - 1935
[img src=]800The walk up to The Bungalow
[img src=]710The Bungalow - 1950
[img src=]700The Bungalow - 2010
[img src=]650Walter Garner outside the farm office
[img src=]500Walter Garner & labourers - harvest time
[img src=]490Labourers at work
[img src=]520Fruit baskets piled high
[img src=]530Taking a break
[img src=]550Outdoor apple stores (before cold stores were built)
[img src=]580Swavesey Railway Station
[img src=]580Judging the produce at the county fruit show
[img src=]540Ken & Walter Garner
[img src=]510Ken Garner & 'peggy'
[img src=]520The yard - 1950s
[img src=]520Apple trees
[img src=]590The Yard - 1981
[img src=]560MF 135
[img src=]490Loading bushel boxes into the packing shed - 1981
[img src=]680Labourers - 1980s
[img src=]560More pasture, less trees
[img src=]610The Fruit Farm - April 2011

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